Today we are one step closer to simple, safe bitcoin self-custody for people all around the world - no matter how they use bitcoin to save for the future or manage their money locally and across borders, or their level of technical experience.

Bitkey is now available for pre-orders in 95+ countries across 6 continents.

With pre-orders available from today, we plan to start shipping the product to our customers in early 2024. 

We invite you, and others you know who care about financial ownership and control, to purchase Bitkey so we can together put the keys to bitcoin ownership in the hands of people around the world. 

Thank you for being a part of the journey as we work to widen access to self-custody and empower people around the world to truly own and manage their bitcoin easily and safely.

Lastly, a big thank you to our beta customers across 40+ countries who have already helped us test, learn, and iterate as we get the product ready for global availability. This makes Bitkey better every day, and we can’t wait to get the product in the hands of the people across 95+ countries early next year. 

We’ll leave you here with a few of our beta customers’ experiences in their own words, quoted and attributed with their permission: 

  • “The Bitkey onboarding was incredible, one of the best bitcoin onboarding experiences I have ever had and certainly the best self-custody UX by a long way. It is simple and intuitive and the device was wonderfully responsive. The major benefit is that this is the first time my family would be comfortable engaging in self-custody. It is an experience that makes a healthy set of trade-offs to make bitcoin self custody accessible to all for the first time.  There is still a huge amount of work to be done in terms of convincing and educating people that they should be self custodying their bitcoin, but this product certainly removes the most significant barrier to entry - complexity.” - Gareth, South Africa, works in banking
  • “The Bitkey experience was incredible. It's the nicest and slickest piece of hardware I have ever seen... except for maybe the iPhone. Onboarding and getting started was so easy. I didn’t have to write down any 24 words or passwords and punch them into steel unlike other self-custody wallets!" - Mitesh P., United Kingdom, chemist/pharmacist
  • “I think Bitkey is dead simple with healthy security. It allows me to quickly and confidently help normal people get setup with bitcoin. I've seen this give new users who set up their Bitkey an "aha" moment of surprise when they then ask "that's it?"... as no other wallet matches the ease of getting started.” - Jacob B., Mexico, software engineer and business owner
  • “Before Bitkey, I had been apprehensive to take self-custody of my bitcoin. The perceived complexity of existing hardware wallets kept me stuck in custodial walled gardens. Bitkey’s beautiful device made me *want* to try, and its elegant software held my hand the entire way, giving me the security, and peace of mind I needed to take the leap.” - Tom G., Canada, tech entrepreneur

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