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Bitkey is the safe, easy way to own and manage bitcoin. It’s a mobile app, hardware device, and a set of recovery tools, for simple, secure self-custody.

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Bitkey Team

Bitkey starts shipping today

The wait is over. The Bitkey wallet is officially out of pre-orders and is now shipping to your doorstep. We’re excited to help customers get their bitcoin off exchanges and take control of their money with a self-custody wallet that’s secure and easy-to-use.  Since launching pre-orders in December,...

Bitkey Team

Sharing the Code Behind Bitkey

Today, we’re taking the next big step in our open development: we’re publishing the code that powers the hardware device, mobile app, and server behind Bitkey, as well as electrical designs for the hardware. We’ve been sharing our thinking and designs to help people understand how our...

Max Guise

Sharing our Recovery Design

To help people take control of the keys to their bitcoin, we’re focused on making it easy to recover control when they lose parts of their wallet. We want to help everyone understand how Bitkey works, so today we’re publishing new, in-depth information about how customers will be...

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